Funding for this project comes from a Veni grant from the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) and a European Commission Marie Curie Career Integration Grant.

Research Assistance and Coders

We thank Aurelién Evequoz, and Samantha Zuhlke for excellent assistance with data preparation and codebook revisions. We are extremely grateful for research assistance from student coders: Hanan Bahar, Emily van Bronkhorst, Mikaela Burch, Jonathan Busnelli, Henry Chow, Gabrielle Espina, Monika Gyuris, Doran Hanlon, Johan Hansen, Roos Hopman, Marthe Huigsloot, Eva Huis in ‘t Veld, Marketa Kachynova, Ernst Kuneman, Frank van Moock, Toby Murray, Ghis Noorlander, Saskia Olivier, Ebe Ouattara, Wessel van Proosdij, Marta Ill Raga, Isabella Rebasso, Ina Rüber, Niels Snoek, Hannah Soine, Martin Wesseling, and Mark Wittfoth.

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