About ECAV

The Electoral Contention and Violence (ECAV) dataset is a event-based, georeferenced dataset which allows for both aggregated and disaggregated analyses of violent and nonviolent electoral contention and is available for a global sample. Between 2015-2017,  research assistants coded election-related events from newswire articles. The map below displays the geographic distribution of ECAV events as 1×1 degree grid squares.



If you use the ECAV data, please cite the data article and codebook:

Daxecker, Ursula E., Elio Amicarelli and Alexander Jung. 2018. “Electoral Contention and Violence (ECAV): A New Dataset” Conditionally accepted at Journal of Peace Research.

Daxecker, Ursula E., Elio Amicarelli and Alexander Jung. 2018. “Electoral Contention and Violence (ECAV) Codebook.